I tesori di Sorrento

About usThe project was born from the idea of ​​enhancing quality artisan products closely linked to the culture and tradition of the Sorrento peninsula. The passion that has characterized the family business since 1942 in the cultivation of lemons and oranges in its gardens, has made it possible to create a production of artisan liqueurs through the processing of their own raw materials. The lemons used are controlled by a consortium that protects the Sorrento Lemon PGI which guarantees the origin and quality of the Sorrento lemon. The production of limoncello: As soon as the lemons are harvested, we immediately proceed with the peeling done by hand to make a way to preserve and use the peel still covered with essential oil. This allows for a more intense and natural flavor. After the maceration of the peels in the alcohol, water and dosed sugar are added to make the recipe balanced to enhance the taste of the lemon.

The product is made and bottled every week to make it available fresh and lasting. We recommend keeping it in the freezer.